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dear lisa, i would really like to email with you, please would you email me? [email protected]. great to catch up and i have an event to talk with you about!

I don't know how I ended up here today except it has to be faith because remember I'm 63 in July and I'm older and filled with too much of life's experience.
I've been thinking all day as to how fulfilled I've been on a personal inside mental and soul level since being able to blog. I've known I always like to write, and my family has always been my priority. However there always was some pang I never understood inside my head which was never right. I'd try here and there to write and I knew because I wasn't educated worked full time and loved to be with my family an education in writing was impossible. However then came blogs by accident and here I am and there you and your partners are fulfilling a need by helping others to be able to make their voices and hearts known. My blog grammology has been a life saver it's allowed me the freedom to be and do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. And for every other women who I've encouraged to start a blog or tell my stories too I think I've been often good for them.

Therefore, when you find a bad apple and they are always around you do exactly as you have done and you never look back. You are one of my heroes just like Robin Easton who I recently met on her blog and I even asked her to write her to share her post on forgiveness as we had something going on in our family which needed to be laid to rest. And then I head out to your site (which I've been ignoring, forgot or whatever) realizing I didn't even sign up for your conference and now your sold out so I tried out for the Ford contest to see if it was meant for me to still come. More importantly please read Robin's post, it so matches with life and this kind of betrayal and pain and it is all of those things for you and I'm wishing you recovery from this terrible incident and that it doesn't jade you in the future with other women and trust. Remember bad things are everywhere teach us how to be alert and what to look for so we can avoid it ourselves.

Hugs and much success to great ladies.

Dorothy from grammology

I'm so back from cancer and being tired..I'm so grateful for this avenue to tell, vent, read, enjoy what do they call this the blogoshere..I love it..


Dorothy thank you! I love your blog. Educated, shmeducated. You share wisdom on your blog that comes from practicing living and being open and honest about it.

One of the posts you've written that I shared with my family is Your Self Portrait and Your Life where you ask a key question: Are you living the life you wanted?

A deceptively simple question. A dangerous question that can rock the boat. Or sink it. I asked myself that question at 30 and have never stopped, boat be damned.

So thank YOU for being one of my heroes too. Blog on, brave lady. I'm reading!

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