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My 5-year-old daughter only uses the computer when one or both of us are right next to her, and yet managed to register a Twitter account without us knowing. Obviously we were paying more attention to a book or our own laptop for a few minutes! She didn't "follow" anyone, or ever look at the page again once she registered it, but the scary fact was that a 5-year-old was able to CREATE A TWITTER ACCOUNT. I went ahead and let her set it up, locked down and "following" only family members, with the same guidelines that we follow with her email account and her blog (I KNOW), which at this age means that Mommy & Daddy own the passwords.

And did you see that BlogHer member whose 7-year-old learned to use Google at school, and then, with a lethal combination of newfound searching skills and his parents' cached Amazon password (he clicked on a Google link which took him to Amazon, which automatically signed the computer in), he "accidentally" bought over $700 worth of Webkinz in one fell swoop! The parents were unaware of this until the packages began to arrive.

I will take as much education as I can get to prepare for the upcoming years, because I have a feeling that this whole "internet thing" is going to get hairier all the time.

I wish everyone would live by "treat that self with the same respect you believe other people should be treated"! Somehow it seems people get meaner online because they feel protected behind their "avatar" or "screen names". You are right that parents educating their kids is key, and that learning respect also applies to kid's actions on the internet.

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