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No disrespect to Mr. Scoble, sincerely, but the comparison to Iran seems a bit extreme. I read his post about why he doesn't want to sign on to O'Reilly's code of conduct, and he had some good points that were well thought-out. It would be nice to see his comments in context so we could more fully appreciate what motivated that remark, the same way you've laid out your comments that were not included in the story.

I think it's fine to have some pre-made comments policies, codes of conduct, etc. available online for folks who want to find one that works for them and run with it. But I'm always going to create my own on a case by case basis.

Interesting subject... it would seem logistically impossible to set standards across the blogosphere, your approach and outlook is the most sensible - set what you believe is appropriate for your spaces.

This whole attack stuff is very disconcerting. Although it has nothing to do with blogging, apparently the Rutgers women's basketball team is now getting hate mail.

It never ends.

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