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I'm in 10th grade and I have never had any computer class or read anything 'net related that didn't first remind everyone not to give out personal info online. Maybe for the like old adults who didn't get that back when they were in school they need those reminders too?

Not to imply that people ask to be cyber stalked because that's as retarded as saying someone asks to be raped when they dress sexy. But even though you're allowed to dress however you want, you still wouldn't take a shortcut through a dark alley walking home after midnight, right? So in the same way, wouldn't it make sense to not put your last name, hometown, and places you're going to be and the dates you'll be at them, on your blog?

Cuz isn't it much more scary if someone says they want to hurt you if you know they know where to find you to do it, than if you know they can't possibly know where you are?

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