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Call me crazy, and I do have a tendency towards paranoia, but he could have staged it to advance his profile and career.

What is the public service of filming the vandalism of a police car, then protecting the people who did it? Doesn't sound like whistle-blower protection to me.

I suppose I should read the piece before I judge him to death. But there are many legitimate cases of journalists who shouldn't have to reveal their sources, I don't think this is one such case, and I think it taints the whole group. (Off to read the piece now. Thanks for listening.)

"Tony Overman, president of the National Press Photographers Association. 'When news sources believe that statements or actions observed or reported by journalists find their way into the hands of police or prosecutors, those sources will be less willing _ or flat-out afraid _ to cooperate with the media,'..."

Ok I suppose that makes sense.

But really, what if the video was of an assassination? Where do we draw the line?

Throw me a clue, I really want to know what I'm missing here.

Well the answer is.... we need not cross that bridge yet because there has been no assissination.... which might implicate issues of concern of national security, and that would be addressed in part using the doctrines of clear and present danger from Schenck v. United States, 249 U.S. 47 (1919) and Ellsberg/Pentagon Papers -- click on the Daniel Schorr/Christian Science Monitor link here:


Anyway, my discussion with Mr. Wolf's attorney yesterday was interesting as we discussed the bogus attempt of the feds to invoke jurisdiction using a federal Arson Statute:


My take on the situation is as follows as noted in my post:

"I must be a Revolutionary because they've tried to shut me down seven (7) times!

Similarly, if Mr. Wolf is compelled to give up that video it will be the key that unlocks the door to dungeons and torture rooms chock full of government doms. They want to shut him down just as much as they want to shut me down, and that much is patently obvious."


Hmmmm. I know a few people to send this to.

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