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Yes, yes, yes.

I personally will be reaching out to as many bloggers as I can, encouraging them to make BlogHer 07 as diverse and meaningful as we all want it to be.

I've got half a dozen session ideas, and a new-found respect for the work that lies ahead for BlogHer. I am looking forward to moving ahead.

You're a rock star, Lisa.

I just read Elisa's recap and now yours, and as much as appreciate the information, I also wish you didn't have to write it! In other words, it stinks that there's so much in the grief in the blogworld with issues that, im my opinion, seem petty. When you look at the even as a whole, it was really well done and everyone was having a fantastic time.

You're spot on with point #4, though. If you don't like the event, you need to help change it.

Thanks Lisa!

This is a really good and thoughtful recap.

Generally, I feel like advertising's like the weather--I can't do much about it, but I will complain anyway. (I understand that you are more interested in feedback than most people who take sponsorship, and that's great.)

Lisa, I hope that if you read any other part of my BlogHer posts you got that overall, my experience was positive. I hope crankypantses like me won't discourage you. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid my money and gone again. In fact, I'm sure that's what I'll do next year, because my posts have encouraged other friends to come for the first time.

i think you are right on, lisa. blogher is growing and with any kind of growth comes the fear that there will be less room for diversity of ideas, identity or perspective. by restating your values here, you remind the community that the circle is not closed--that it can be as expansive and amazing as the people who create it. it's up to the participants now to decide if they can trust that offer and make blogher.org the space that *they* want it to be.

I wasn't at the conference so everything I "know" I learned by blog, email or phone...but I think it is noteworthy that by virtue of the thought and time that you and Elisa put into reading and listening to what EVERYONE had to say and writing your "for the record" posts... that you all should get a "Most Responsive Conference Founders" Award.

It would be great to really soon be in a place to say, "Duly noted, let's move on....."


I am really thrilled to see you facing so many of the issues that were reported. It's so common to see leaders step away from the difficulties. Of course, I'd expect nothing less from the three of you. You are an amazing group of women, the likes of which I have never seen. You are what I want to be when I grow up.

With growth comes growing pains. I didn't attend the first year, but I really enjoyed this year. After I got over my own insecurites, that is. And that's all that was wrong with me during the entire conference - me.

Yeah, it could have been a bit greener, and the hotel could have done a bit better by us. I think, though, that having two large events ongoing simultaneously was more than they bargained for.

I really like this part:

I blog to know myself better. I blog to keep myself intellectually honest. I blog to question my own assumptions. I blog to open my mind.

I am open to helping in any way that you can use me. If you need a volunteer for anything, I'm your woman. I plan to talk it up and invite lots of other bloggers to attend.

I'm very happy to be associated with Blogher.org, and so proud of what you have accomplished!

I can't remember ever seeing another conference where the organizers/founders have put this much thought into assessing feedback, complaints, and ideas for the next one--not to mention tossing all of it into a public forum.

Good for you!!!


As one who did not attend, and who was only marginally aware of some of the more controversial aspects of blogher 06, I'm both reluctant and compelled to comment.

Of all I read in your post, what sticks most in my mind is not so much what you've written (no worries there) it's what you've linked to, a post written from a place where there was built in readiness to judge, and no readiness to listen, learn, and enjoy the moment. One wonders if they went expecting blogher to be a celebratory event geared solely to praise them.

I'm extremely disappointed in such reactions. Blogher is open to all who wish to go, how can one find fault with the attendance demographics? When something becomes as successful as blogher, I suppose there will be cannons aimed in the organiser's direction.

Women live lives that are unique to each of us, and our blogs reflect this... yet we have to remember we really don't do any of us - or our greater community - any favours if we spend our time dissing each other over what we wish to write on and share, over who chooses to participate and who does not. Would it not make more sense to look to those who chose not to go in question of demographics, than to those who did?

Well done.

Jenny, I want to hear every one of your ideas, you rock star. I feel like I watched you, Jenn and Meghan take a personal interest in welcoming people both to and back to BlogHer '06, for which I am really grateful. Bring it.

Crazedparent, I am so glad you found it all worthwhile. Thanks for taking me seriously on #4. Bring on the suggestions!

SJ, I have read your blog long time. And I love it. I found your concerns about sponsorship well articulated, very reasonable, and linked to you because you are representative of an important perspective. Crankypantses are essential to molding a community conference. So thanks. And I'm *thrilled* to hear that you plan to come back. Um, conference session idea(s) por favor? File 'em here: http://blogher.org/node/8944. Thanks.

Jen Lemen, thank HEAVEN you are returning to blogging! Everyone bookmark this woman -- she talks in the same lovely metaphor as she writes above. I learned this under a palm tree by the pool. Thank you for summarizing the underlying message of my post: I want people to trust me, Elisa and Jory to continue facilitating a conference by and for the community. We need your help.

Marianne, I think with help like yours we can get there. Thank you for your email offering perspective even as you blogged the all-important DOPA issue as part of your writing on BlogHer.org. I hope to see you in New York, woman!

Carmen, thank you so much for your friendship and support. One of my goals in the next year is to follow the example that you've set in asking the community for ideas about the good, the bad and the unexpected in life. Your blog is a great lesson for me. And you're drafted for '07!

Jeneane, I just cannot resist this: EVERYONE HAND THIS WOMAN A ROSE AND GLASS! For the second year now, Jeneane has been an essential BlogHer conference advisor, filling my ear with the kinds of key feedback and support that you'd expect from the blogmama behind Blogsisters. J, thank you (and Denise) for riding to the rescue on the Day Two chat. Elisa, Jory and I are going to keep trying to channel your example in so many ways. Now - off to count enough pennies for a pilgrimage your way. We must meet.

Wow, that was incredible to read. I'm in awe of your strength of character in dealing with all the issues head on. I think the conference was amazing. Being my first conference ever, take that for what it's worth.

"The post misleads by stating an opinion as fact"

Actually my post was stating my personal opinion as an attendee. I cannot speak on behalf of the organizers or BlogHer LLC; I apologize if it appeared that this was the case.

Hi Lisa, Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed post. I attended your Writing session on Day 1 and was so impressed with your content and presentation ability! I really enjoyed the whole conference (well until I had to run away to attend two weddings Saturday night). Well done! The conference was terrific and thought provoking.

Lisa, thank you. Not just for this post, but also for everything that you have done for the blogging community (along with Jory and Elisa). I'm proud to be a part of BlogHer, and I look forward to greater involvement with the organization over the next year.

I second Mother Goosemouse's comments (damn, she always beats me to a good one). And I think this is an excellent follow-up. I am honored that you linked my post as an antidote to the hatred spewed in that other. I always think dialogue gets us further than ranting.

Lisa, I didn't attend BlogHer this year. Mainly because I'm new to this rodeo. However, I have been reading more than I ever thought possible about it over the last month...and especially over the last week.

That said, before I read your post, I really wasn't sure what to make of all of it. Because frankly, it was begining to seem a little like fried ice cream...delicious in theory, but incredibly messy.

And then I read your post. And I get it. And now I want to attend in Chicago.

Thank you for creating such opportunities.

What a perfect summation. I'm thrilled to have been able to attend both conferences and I can hardly wait for the two in 2007.

I said it in my recap and I will say it here...you, Jory and Elise have done something wonderful and amazing and in my opinion, historically noteworthy in the blogging world and quite possibly beyond. I cannot thank you enough for the chance to be part of the ad network beta and for your tireless efforts to make BlogHer the best it can be, both as an organization and as a conference. You are women of integrity and it shows in all you do. I am honored to know you and to be a part of something I truly believe in.

It is my goal for this year, via my blog and otherwise, to reach out to other bloggers and help make the 2007 conference even better than 2006. That said, please feel free to ask for my help if it's ever needed. If I can oblige, I will.

Best regards,

Geez Louise. I can't believe that with all the time and effort you put into this wonderful thing called BlogHer, you have to spend so much of your energy defending yourself against people who have nothing better to do than rip apart what someone else lovingly creates.

I wasn't able to come to BlogHer this year (I live in India), but will definitely be there next year. Not the least of my reasons for going will be that anyone who deals so maturely and patiently with this kind of criticism, as you have done in this post, gets my full support.

Lisa, for now I can only pledge my affection for you and Jory and Elisa. I am overwhelmed still. But I will give feedback eventually. I am actually tearing up reading all this, knowing all the work and time and love and fun that goes into BlogHer. Thanks.

A lot to digest. Lemme reread this mug without the focus being "LISA STONE LINKED TO ME"...

New comments forthcoming

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