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Love this. Thank you.

I very liked its blog.parabens. kisses

Just reporting what you already know Mary... :)

Great panel, wonderful discussion! Enjoyed seeing you so briefly and loved listening to the voices in the room!

Posted a roundup of the posts, notes, etc. from the panel on blogher
http://blogher.org/node/5973 -- now I'm going to get some sleep .. just off the red eye! Looking forward to being back in Silicon Valley for Blogher next month!

Oh Beth, I was pretty upset at having to miss our dinner Tuesday. It was the childcare snafu that broke this camel's back. My only reward is that I get to see you again in July, damn it.

Your BlogHer post is terrific - here's the response I just posted:

- You (as in You-Beth-Kanter) did a great liveblog of the keynote. I'm fascinated by Angela Glover's closing comment about how threatening and emancipating it is to work with technology that equips vulnerable people to speak for themselves. You blogged her as saying, "If we believe what we have been saying, then this is our most exciting moment. Test the legitimacy of what we're saying." Cutting edge, honest commentary.

- As I said in the chat, I thought Tara Hunt's presentation of Pinko Marketing was brilliant. Anyone looking for someone to speak on why and how a user oriented approach to product and market is different from typical marketing needs to hire her to come speak. Here's her wiki: http://pinkomarketing.pbwiki.com/.

- Congrats to Netsquared jefa Marnie Webb (full-disclosure: She's a BlogHer Conference Advisor) for leading a terrific conference. I got a ton out of it.

I just read this piece for the third time. It is no less impressive the third time around than it was the first. Truly...I have no words. This is me rising to give you a rousing standing ovation, Lisa. WELL DONE.

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