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Thanks for the links. Great interviews all. Wish I could be there! Have fun.

Love it. See you Friday night.

Mary, I wish you could be there too! Get your rest for July's rave...

YAY - See you there Roxanne!

OMG. I was so happy when I saw the Austin Chronicle cover, I think I actually made a weird little squeaking noise when I pulled it out of my swag bag.

You know, the next time, if there's a BlogHer track at a conference, I'm going to offer any session I'm a part of for it if it works in that context. I don't know why Julie and I didn't do that! Pre-conference deer-in-headlights syndrome.

Now that is a compliment to BlogHer, Lisa Williams, and I am grateful for it (huge kudos to Elisa Camahort, BlogHer co-founder, for incubating the panels for six months and making sure they delivered). I have learned from experience that anything you and Julie Leung do, together or separate, has a nonzero chance of being irresistible in topic and exceptional in execution. I only wish I'd been able to attend your couples-who-blog panel before racing back home. Jory had some great insights from it.

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