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You, my dear, are freakin' amazing. We in the blog community are damn lucky to have you.


Another new chapter in your life. Cool. Exciting. I like. Good luck!

Smooches, ladies!

I like how you refer to these things as "little projects" remind me to ask for your help next time it's gonna flood for 40 days and nights...

Fess up, wonder twin! You know just as much about launching something where your eyes outstripped your stomach - likely more, after this past month!

Hmm. Not sure you are old enough or, erm, American enough to appreciate the Wonder Twin Powers cartoon series. Ever seen it?

Mir - yes the "little project" thing caught my attention as well...

"Oh, I re-built the Bay Bridge, doncha know... It was just a little project to keep me busy..." :D

Nice farewell post, Lisa.

- SD

Ah, but you know my secret SD - I build it, you do the work. Exhibit A:

Around the Dial: "And so it begins..." The Supreme Court will review a late-term abortion procedure - Part 3, Part 2, Part 1

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