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All of these stories are unbelievable. I thought we were past these obvious trespasses of free speech - freedom of expression. Guess I was wrong - been living in liberal enclaves for too long!

You neglected to mention some very important facts.

C.W. Bill Young is outraged because he feels his wife was mistreated by law enforcement.

Yet in April 2004 he was informed of the false arrest of a constituent (a
veteran) in his district and couldn't have cared less. Where was his outrage then?

Then we have Young's comments to the Washington Post in which he made it clear that he would not be so upset if only Cindy Sheehan had been removed, and not his wife...because he disagrees with Sheehan (So do I, but I hold her rights in no more and no less regard than Beverly Young's)

Such lack of action for a wrongly arrested constituent (against whom all charges were promptly dropped, no thanks to Young) and his aggressive, nepotistic actions now on behalf of his wife, along with his statement that he would have been less angry if it had been only Cindy Sheehan who was ejected, demonstrates what he really "represents" - an outrageous hypocrite and menace to the Constitution.

It bodes well for the First Amendment to have a "representative" like Bill Young in office, doesn't it?

Lisa, great to hear from you - what I love most about the quotes I found is the shared agreement across the political spectrum (Capt. Ed, Cernovich) that this is completely unacceptable. They don't care for Sheehan's opinion, but they're standing up for her right to express it. This to me is the ultimate in patriotism.

Stephen, thanks for your comments. What links would you recommend for further reading about Mr. Young?

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