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It's pointless to check IDs when the state gives IDs to illegal immigrants.

It is an invasion of privacy but if they do rule in favor of cheking IDs I'm infavor of it, let's check everyone's ID & then boot all the illegals.

Hoist the state upon their own petard.

I really don't mind showing my ID, I just never know where it is!! I'm much more concerned about secret laws. WTF is that all about. Next thing I know the secret police with be breaking down my door because I've broken some law I don't even know about. Christ I have enough problems with the laws I do know about. When are the citizens of this country going to say enough is enough!! At some point in the future (which is getting nearer, I am afraid) I envision myself as one of those folks up in some remote mountain cabin, armed to the teeth, holding off the ATF, the FBI, the CIA, and probably the damn IRS, yeah, most certainly the IRS!!!!

I hear you, Debby. It was no surprise to me when my home state of Montana passed bi-partisan legislation urging state and local officials (including librarians, natch) not to enforce certain provisions of Patriot Act I.

Montana followed Idaho, by the way! When people from two red states covered in yellow ribbons start pushing back on Washington for crowding American rights, it should be a clear indicator to elected officials that party rhetoric isn't the solution...

Don't give up!

The time for a fight AND when it's the most important is when

it's this obvious that these people have noones best interest at heart.

They aren't going to just leave...we have a fight on our hands.

Someone with the same mentality that urges a schoolyard fight

and ten stands back and watches with sociopathic slobber

running down thier mouths...is responsible for all this

shit our great country is going through right now.

Rise to the occasion is whats called for...the orignial minutemen

were not professional soldiers or mercenaries.

They were smart enough to enjoy regualr honest life...untill

they were harrassed by beligerent tyrrant followers who

have not the ambition to find honest work in the best country

and economy in the world!

That is excactly why we shouel NOT fear them.

They indeed do posssess inferior minds.

Fear not ~ but rest not..this is not a time for complaicency.

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