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The BOBs? They actually DO have awards for blogging? My second post was about the "Bloggies." (Like the Emmys. the Tonys or Oscars) I was running on adrenaline from just starting my blog and this kind of stuff was running through my head in the middle of the night. I got up and wrote the post because I couldn't sleep...it was meant to be silly, of course. Now you tell me there are the BOBs....crazy! Thanks Lisa.

Congrats on being asked to be on the jury.

The BOBs also have an RSS feed you can subscribe to, so you can see nominations as they occur, which is kind of fun:


Sour Duck, thank you for adding that link. Eager to see your recommendations! Best, L

wow, you are the only woman on the jury.

and thanks, no i can use my entire afternoon checking out blogs new to me.
:-) or i could uh, vacuum or something.

Jen, my friend, when the revolution comes, I will be found typing to you beneath the dustbunnies. And the dog hair. And the Legos. . .

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