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Sorry to come to this discussion so late, but I only heard about it yesterday from Toby Bloomberg who is my Smart Woman Online interview at Lip-sticking this week. Very interesting comments. If only I had the time to reply to everyone, as everyone deserves a reply...since I don't, let me say a few things I think are valuable-- 1. To Dave, stop whining. Men have been making sexist remarks about women forever. If we make some about them, too bad. Toughen up. MOST women are in favor of men. MOST women really like men. BUT, like men, we sometimes joke around in ways that others may find inappropriate. It's still joking. Learn to give and take.
2. Should this be for women only? I'm all for women only. At least as an opener...we need to gather together, commune, communicate, exchange ideas, and decide where we're taking this whole blogging thing. Only then can we open it up to members of the other gender. This is in no way meant to 'exclude' men...only to give the women some time to build our platform...one that will include everyone, but that will be female-focused in order to work on helping the ladies out there accomplish something with their blogs. Men do it all the time. Why should we feel bad for wanting to commune with our own--?
3. On the other hand, I'm also in favor of mixing it all up. It's a hard choice to make. Since MOST women do like men, and I personally have a high regard for a number of male bloggers, I can see the benefit of having men at blogHERcon-- which means, there should be a vote. Make it democratic. Find out which women are serious about attending and ask them ... majority rules. What's not to like about that?

Publishing is a largely male space, one in which women need a pedestal in order to be seen. Build the platform and they will come. But be willing to offer a hand up and a hand out. I'll draw a corollary to the first women-based organization I ever joined in Washington. It was Women in Aerospace and I was at the time editor of Space Business News. Clearly, engineers and administrators in the aerospace business were largely male, even as the marketers in this increasingly commercialized industry were largely female. How many "interview/conversations" I ever began in the halls of NASA HQ ended abruptly because the "subject" walked into the men's room? I'm sure they intended me to follow them. It is basic human nature: in the face of an "old boys" network, we wanted an old girls network. Now the POINT. In this world of connectivity where we intend to matter and minister to those in positions of power, we have to connect with those who have it. Women in Aerospace's first male member was Al Gore (then chair of the Commerce Committee governing NASA's budget.) The sharpest tools in the shed will WANT to come to this event. So let in the enlightened ones. We'll cast a much bigger shadow if they're inside than if they're outside cursing the darkness.

okay, what the heck is "blog?" Does Atari still sell "pong?"

Regarding all this Dave bashing. Dave is right. Admit it and face it. There is definitely a double standard on these issues that obviously favor the female gender. The first step to recovery is admitting the difficult things to admit.

later all gators

Dave just wants attention. And he got it.

Should it be open to men? NO FUCKING WAY. That is all.

Good post!men subject

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