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"Bloghercon is pro-women. Not anti-men."

Excellent distinction! Very well said.

Will the 'con be held in the ladies' restroom at a convention hall? Isn't that where women congregate en masse to talk about "important subjects to women"?

*runs and hides*

AF: Thank you!

Dossy: (grin) I can only speak for myself. And the answer's noooo--that's where I go to talk about things that some men might find the most interesting.

Think "St. Louis"

Inexpensive, centrally located, good weather in June, great blues and great regional cook, and the meeting place between north and south, east and west.

The Arch

The Sip

Old Muddy

Home of Mark Twain -- he loved women

And we have really big ladies rooms here -- perfect for meeting.

I think it's GREAT ya'll are starting Bloghercon! It is so important that women meet to discuss their unique voices on blogs. For real! Lots of men know this to be true. My girlfriend Ruby is the best blogger I know and smart as hell! She inspires me daily. ROCK ON!

p.s. Ignore any detractors.

My pal just emailed me and said when she clicks on the Nancy White link she goes to Iddybiddy. It is fun to see how many women I know read your blog. Funny, how these connections show us yet more connections!

Dear Lisa,
I'm late coming to this discussion and haven't read every single thread/post, but can I humbly interject here that we just dispense altogether with addressing the "man-hating" crap? Let's be very clear that that is merely a distraction and a ploy to get us talking about topics not of our choosing. I mean, the idea that women who come together to discuss blogging would waste our time on "ridiculing men" or whatever is laughable.

My thoughts:
1) Thanks for this great idea. Of course there should be a Bloghercon!

2) That's a great name. Keep it.

3) Did anyone explicitly state that Bloghercon is not open to men? If no one said "Boys keep out!", I'm wondering why we're talking about it. The men drawn to this will be cool men like Brian R. above. As for the weirdo minority who are stuck in the Dark Ages, I can't imagine their disruptive efforts would be very successful given the likely ratios in the room. Let them come and learn something. No skin off our nose. One guy in a room of 1200 women isn't going to be able to make much of a stink, methinks.

3a) All boohooing about "man-bashing" henceforth should be ignored.

4) IMHO, design by (huge) committee just means trouble. This Bloghercon cannot be all things to all people. Find the 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 most relevant current issues and work up a tight, strong agenda. (I know this is easier said than done!) You could, for a period of time, take suggestions for topics and weight them according to most interest/votes.

5) Per the tight, strong agenda above, leave room for some sessions of experimentation, free form discussion, or the you-forgot-this! catch-all.

6) Per the tight, strong agenda above, pt. 2, send the agenda out as far in advance as you can. Get people used to the format and the issues to be discussed. This will also allow them time to say, "That topic we forgot; let's meet Sat. during lunch to discuss it in Room B."

7) Anton Zuiker created a wiki for our NC Bloggercon, and it was wonderfully effective. I can't seem to link directly to it right now, but he's a wonderful guy who would be happy to help. One especially nice aspect was the list of attendees with links to their blogs, so anyone who was interested could check out the blogs of those attending. Instant blogroll!

8) Remind people that this is the first Bloghercon. There will be others. There will be other topics discussed. Everything cannot be covered in one conference. And then remind them again!

9) No crybabies. This is being done in the spirit of addressing women's blogging culture and concerns.

10) Have fun! You've started a wonderful thing! Thanks again! I look forward to reading more.

AE -- Poetry indeed. Thanks mucho for the post. I hope you plan to join us!

Dear Lisa,
You'll see me there! Thanks again for all your hard work to launch this important conference. I know the interest in and support for this idea will surprise us all.

Bloghers Unite!

This conference sounds fabulous. What can I do to help make it happen? What kind of assistance is needed most at this point?

I can present, organize, help prepare materials, etc.

Let me know what you need.

- Amy Gahran

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