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Reading the obscenity-laced garbage in the Rantville blog makes me wonder exactly what there is to be proud of in this matter. Kathy is a class act, and both Trent and Bob bring something to the table. But "Major Jimmy?" A minor league potty mouth. Would Knight-Ridder print such filth in one of their newspapers? No. Why, then, is it on their Web site?

Diecast Dude:

Apologies for my delay in reply - I was away on vacation.

I appreciate the time you took to share your opinion. Obviously I disagree--90+ percent of the time I like Mayor Jimmy's Rantville.

Fortunately--as another blogger recently said to me--if you don't like a blog you don't have to read it. That's the beauty of the Web.

The "if you don't like it don't read it" argument, outside of being overused to the point of it being a meaningless cliché that actually says "anything goes and who are you to complain" works... to a point.

Were Rantville in its previous location as a personal project by the author, it would be of no consequence and there would be no disagreement. However, it's not. It is featured on a Web site run by a national news organization. There is no indication that there is objectionable language contained in the blog, nor is there any disclaimer about the blog not being required to meet the journalistic standards, however they are defined, of Knight-Ridder. That is the problem.

As is the case with any blogger, Mayor Jimmy is free to say whatever he wants to however he wants to... on his own. The issue is with Knight-Ridder endorsing his message by presenting it as though it was their own. Since they have chosen to do so, they bear the responsibility of explaining why obscenity-laced trash talk is acceptable journalistic practice. I'm waiting.

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