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Is this really happening? Is there any way to shake this depression? What do we do now....?

What's the ex-pat community like in the Netherlands?


Since Tuesday night at about 11:00 EST, when it became clear that Bush was going to take Ohio, I have run the gamut of emotions - stomach-churning despair, weeping sorrow, blind rage, bitter sulking - and now I'm back to where I was in about February 2003. Which is to say, disgusted that the greatest country in the world has been taken over by lying, corrupt, incompetent sleazebags masquerading as moral and stalwart defenders of hearth, home and family values. Like I did in February 2003, I feel mostly pessimistic about the chances of beating these guys, but don't feel like lying down and giving up. It's good not to be so demoralized that we want to surrender, but we have to be very careful not to simply retreat to our blue state sanctuaries and sneer at the ignorant red necks who have been duped by scary pictures of boys kissing into voting for billionaire tax cuts. Don't give in to cynicism - we can figure this out. We're the smart ones, right? (right . . . )

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