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Tracey Gaughran-Perez of http://www.sweetney.com for "Mommy & Family", because that's how i roll.


Nichelle Stephens
Entertainment and Arts
Books, Theatre and Fine Arts

Recent review of off-B'way show:


Personal and/or Feminism and Gender

Anne Zelenka

Anne Zelenka of Anne 2.0 and The Barely Attentive Mother on Technology & Web. Lisa, I've sent you an email describing my background and listing some articles.

Sour Duck

There are several areas I'm initially interested in:

- Blogging and Social Media
- Entertainment & Arts
- Feminism & Gender
- Food & Drink

I don't want to bite off more than I can chew; shall I go off and have a think, or do we discuss via email...?


Hi Lisa,

How exciting! I am interested in the "personal" topic.

My blog: Everyday Goddess

Some relevant (I hope!) posts:
Are you ready for this?

A stitch in time saves nine hundred words.

Maybe now I've conquered all my adolescent fears.

Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?


Liz Rizzo

Class V

Technology & Web

Here's an example:

My focus would also be on the investing side of web/technology, since I don't really see a natural category for a venture capitalist. Would be great to be paired up with a hard core technologist.

Lisa Stone

Hi everyone - thank you for writing! You should all have an email from me, with one exception: Class V, would you email me so that we can correspond? Thanks.


Travel & Recreation, Suzanne Reisman

My blog is cussandotherrants.blogspot.com. It is not dedicated solely to travel, but I go out of town about once a month and write a lot about what I did and the off-the-beaten path places that I visit. It's not typical travel reporting, but I try and amuse.


Thanks for you consideration!

Sour Duck

Re: your update. Here's a stereotype-basher: the category of "Fashion & shopping" still has two open slots.

:D ;)


For the middle east / Africa section, you might ask Milo Flamingo:
although i doubt she'd come all the way from Cairo to go to Blogher. her blog is superfantasgreat, regardless.


LOL, Sour Duck!

I thought it was really interesting what was full and what still had spots. :)

Karen Rani

Karen Rani of Troll Baby (http://bigdlittledmistatruffyandme.blogspot.com)

Topics of Interest:

Hobbies! I'm chock full of them! Also, I could write endlessly amazing content on this subject!


Well, drat. I just heard about this today. :-(

If positions ever open up in tech or blogging (or any of the other things I do), please keep me in mind, okay?

Barbara Serrano

I'd like to blog about conservative (righty) politics and current events. Let me know if something opens up on legal affairs, or technology. Also, have you thought about having something on dating blogs? I think there's a real hunger for that .. or maybe, it's just me.

Lisa Stone

Dori, absolutely, will let you know!

Styro, thanks mucho for the suggestion. I'll check it out.

I think I've emailed with everyone on this list except Barbara. B, I'll email you, thanks!

Nancy White

This rash of volunteerism is a great community indicator!

Technorati Tags: community_indicator

Liz Henry

I would like to contribute for World: Latin America -- or for the Academia category.

Liz Henry

I am strangely happy that "shopping" remains untouched. Heh!


I'd like to contribute for World -- I don't know where "Caribbean" would be (Latin America? Even though we Trinis don't consider ourselves Latino?)

My website is Chookooloonks -- it started out as an adoption blog, but since I also write a lot about my homeland of Trinidad & Tobago, it's sort of got a world flavour as well.


Thanks for your consideration!


Lisa Stone

Hi Liz, Hi Karen, check your email!

Melissa Gira

Lisa, I sent you an email last night in a flurry, saying I'd like to do Religion/Spirituality. Just doubly posting here, too.


Hi, Mir here, I'd love to help out with Fashion and Shopping, proudly waving my Notorious Cheapskate banner. The Coupon Mom's got nothing on me, I swear.

Check out the Retail Therapy category on my blog for relevant posts.

Thanks for your consideration!


Dear Lisa, Elisa and Jory -

I have the PERFECT travel editor for our mighty editorial staff. My friend and volunteer on the Hurricane Katrina relief blogs, Pam of Nerd's Eye View.


Pam is wintering in her cozy home in Austria where she skis, snowshoes and eats her fill of chocolate. Pam lives in Seattle the rest of the year.

Pam will be checking into this post as soon as she gets off the ski run. She wrote me right before she popped on her ski boots.


Yes, I'd love to be your travel editor. Yesiree.

Like Suzanne (above),my blog isn't devoted exclusively to travel, but there is a LOT of it (select the travel category, natch). I do contribute content to travel publications (and some outdoors stuff too). I'm also quite interested in a subcategory of travel (or are we our own) - the expat bloggers. Anyhoo, yes, what Grace said.

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