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Hmmm the online form isn't giving the Blogher rate for any night except the 28th.


FYI - I just got off the phone with the Hyatt reservations - they've sold out the inital block of rooms they allocated for the dates on either side, and are adding an additional block right now, but they will likely sell out quickly. I don't know how many they will be adding, or if there will be additional rooms added if these sell out quickly. My advice is to call and to speak with someone and get confirmation of the rate for all dates ASAP.

I spoke with Jennifer in the sales office at the San Jose Hyatt. From what I understand, they are offering a SMALLER block of rooms on either side than the allowance for the conference date at the special rate.


It worked! We are in Thursday - Sunday! Thanks for the quick fix for the online tool. Nicely done.


what about signing up for the conference? can we do that yet?

will someone add me to the blogroll too!?

Elisa Camahort

hi! minnie, you're added to the BlogHerRoll.

As for conference registration...should be up next week. Actually trying to decide between the same reg. vnedor we used last year (Acteva) and RegOnline (and maybe Cvent.) If anyone has experience with all of the above and has a strong opinion feel free to email me.


yay thanks! i missed it last year and was quite sad. i'll be sure to sign up in a timely fashion this time.

Nicole Simon

Hm, while I did reserve the rooms, I by accident discovered the descriptions on tripadvisor for this hotel - and they sound really bad. :(

Anyone here who can confirm this or not?

Elisa Camahort

Maria and I toured the facility before choosing it. Some things to bear in mind:

They are doing a full hotel re-model right now, which is scheduled to be done months before BlogHer. They showed us examples of the re-modeled rooms, which seem entirely acceptable to us.

We ate lunch in the restaurant (from where the meeting catering is also done) and were pleased with the quality.

And their conference organizers has been extremely friendly, responsive and accommodating.

The outside area is truly lovely.

I would agree that this place is not brand spanking new. Some of the meeting rooms almost have a rustic feel, but as long as they can provide full power, WiFi and amplification, then the rustic feel is nice, because it doesn't feel all corporate-y.

The hotel is not in a particularly romantic neighborhood and I would not say it is a luxury resort. But we were prioritizing convenience, very accessible room pricing, all-inclusiveness, and service attitude when choosing a location.

Trip Advisor notes that the hotel class is 3 stars, while the average visitor review is 2.5 stars. The 2.5 score seems mostly to be dragged down by people's reviews of the rooms, as the average on every other criteria is at 3.5 stars.

I would say those numbers set about the right expectations...and given the complete room re-model underway I'm hopeful it will even exceed those expectations.


I was just in the neighborhood this morning, and I will echo Elisa's statement that "The hotel is not in a particularly romantic neighborhood and I would not say it is a luxury resort." BUT, it's certainly not sucky!

Light rail is right outside (the stop is a block down the street), which would be the preferred method of going downtown especially during Race Weekend. Light rail can also take you a ton of other places, including Caltrain stops to larger and lovelier cities. Starbucks is a 5 minute walk away, at the intersection of Technology and Metro Drives. There's a sushi place and a mexican place in the little clump of stores w/ the SBUX. Two blocks down First Street are the House of Genji (a good Japanese steakhouse, and fun for parties!) and Cathay (a good Chinese restaurant).

Sorry to blather on, but it really is a good price for those amenties plus the proximity to other things...you're not out in the boondocks of Conference Center land, where things are expensive AND you can't get to things without a car, and you're not downtown, which would have been extremely expensive and just hell what with the race going on.


Hi Nicole,

To echo Elisa and JM's comments - I also saw the Trip Advisor comments before we toured and, I too, was scared.

However, the model room remodel looks terrific and much nicer than the current rooms that reviews describe.

Also, if expectations are set from the perspective of going to this hotel as a vacation destination then I would agree with the Trip Advisor reviewers that the hotel might disappoint because it is not super luxurious and it is not in a touristy area.

But I was pleasantly surprised when we did tour because I think for that for the purposes of the conference, it's an excellent choice and amazing value. If anyone plans to extend their stay around BlogHer and make a vacation of your trip, just be aware that this just isn't the place for lounging by the pool, getting spa treatments, hanging out at the lounge, and walking to nearby attractions. It is however a good, well located place to stay as a base to get to all of those things and more.


Okay, I signed up for the hotel -- now how do I sign up for the conference? :)

Elisa Camahort

Patience: it's coming within a week!

Nicole Simon

To all, thanks for addressing my concerns - and probably not not only mine when reading those comments.

I also did get the feeling from the people writing it, that they where especially underwhelmed and disappointed by going to a Hyatt but not 'getting' Hyatt.

Also, when they are remoddelling the place, that is okay as long as we get this result you where promised.

I am not expecting luxery there - wifi is a absolut basic like running warm water! - but those comments really worried me. But then again, those are strangers, you are friends. You know, the kind of friend I can give a hard time if you promised me something and did not keep it! ;))

And hey - why did you not mention Star Bucks in the first place? ;))

The caltrain station will be perfect for travelling in from SFO where I will be arriving and I will be placing my booking for the flights tomorrow. :)))

Elisa Camahort

Oh, don't worry Nicole...we will expect to give you full rights to the full "I told you so" treatment if we turn out to have been wrong!


ummm conference rate rooms seem to have either been sold out or not working. eeek! help.

Elisa Camahort

Hi Jen. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The big problem seems to be that once one night you request is sold out at the BlogHer rate, it won't show you the BlogHer rate for any night. I checked for just the night of the 28th. And just the nights of the 28th/29th and could still get the right rate, but once I expanded my search it threw the whole thing off. I will:

a) negotiate more rooms from the Hyatt on Monday
b) and ask them to fix that problem moving forward, so that even if they aren't willing to set aside any more rooms at that rate for the outlying nights, they make sure the rate stands for the nights where we have negotiated more rooms.

As of Thursday we had already met half our commitment in room nights! Yes, half! So, clearly we need to commit to more :)

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