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I haven't had time to process but it looks like a good first day. I think I like it.


Will you add this newbie blogger to the blogroll? I'm looking forward to learning a whole lot at the conference.

Elisa Camahort

Done. Welcome Amy.


Yay! Amy's coming! I'm a huge fan of mamazine.


That sounds so great, especially the hands-on stuff. I would like to start messing around with podcasting - it would be great at my next poetry/translation conference in the fall.


day one looks cool. will there be any art panels or discussions of art blogging on other days?

Elisa Camahort

Minnie: I would suggest you email me and give me an idea of what such a panel would look like: Propose a title, description and even bloggers that you think need to be involved. I am not familiar with this particular segment of the blogosphere, so I could use your guidance.

In addition to opportunities to do this as a Room of Your Own session on Day Two, we will also have a morning Birds of a Feather session on Day Two, so there is another chance there to get art bloggers together.

Thanks for the suggestion. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Beverly Trayner

The day looks great, especially the hands on stuff. I'd also love to see some stuff on the issue of different languages. For example there are a bunch of ways people are keeping blogs in two languages and a corresponding bunch of social/technical/political issues behind each one.

The other is the whole issue of tagging. Tagging has huge implications for people who are writing in languages other than English - to build up shared resources and conversations about all new technologies and practices in languages other than English.


this looks great - hopefully registration will not go up next tuesday. i'll be in the air most of the day, and i don't want to miss it.

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