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Anne Zelenka

Hey Elisa, I'm a little confused about entering my blog information. It says to enter name/URL with blogs separated by a carriage return. When I enter a carriage return, the form submits. Also, I'm not clear on whether I should do my blog names plus their URLs or just their names alone.

Lisa Stone

Thank you Elisa!

Elisa Camahort

Hmm. Anne, you seem to be right, which is unexpected behavior.

I am going to change the language to ask people to separate BLogName/URL combos by semi-colon, as I know that option works fine.

Thanks for finding that.

Susan Kitchens

Seeing as how this is T+6 months (at least) prior to the event, and that some of us will start new blogs between now and then, will we be able to update our blog information prior to the event?

Elisa Camahort

This is a two-part answer:

1. If your only desire is to get additional blogs on the BlogHerRoll, you will, in a few short weeks, be able to add blogs yourself to our new site.

2. If your desire is actually to change the URL that will be on your conference badge, you can email me and I will take care of it.

Anita Campbell

Hi Elisa,

Wow! I am quite impressed with the job you have done to promote BlogHer. Congratulations.

My congratulations, also, to Lisa and Jory. And to everyone else tirelessly contributing. You are doing a fabulous job.



Woo-hoo! I'm registered!

Lisa Stone

Thanks Anita!

Susan (of 2020 Hindsight among other projects), what are you cooking up?


Ms. Jen

Yeah! Excited to see y'all again. I am in grad school (compsci) at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. And am damn glad to have an excuse to come and see y'all! Missin' California and a ton of fabulous women.


Yay! Ms. Jen!


Thanks for the info.


My newest hobby is Blog reads that is more intresanter than newspapers or television. in the between time I spend already 4-5 hours at the computer. Writes firmly thereby I also still enough-end to read has.


I'm looking forward to this again!

Just a FYI-
Not to be a spelling and grammar Nazi, but two words are misspelled:

"The Two-Day BlohHer '06 Pass provides.."

"Go to BlogHer for more informaiton."

Elisa Camahort

Thanks Chai! Fixed.


I wanted to register to this event, but I dont have creditcard for my job right now. We are changing system of our creditcards.
Can you please contact me?

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