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I would like to request a copy for my younger sisters, who are 15 and 17, to share. I've been following the progress of the book on Julie's blog for some time now, and I think she's put together an amazing resource. One sister is involved in the high school's online mag, and the other is a photoshop wiz with real writing talent. It would make my day to see them set up with blogs of their own.

Koan Bremner

One for my gal pal Jinty, please - I'm going to get her blogging if it kills me! If I thrust a book in her hands, I can tell her that she can't let me down any more!


I'd love a copy of this book. It's great to see women not only blogging, but showing their expertise in the field by writing books like this one and Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies.


I would like to request a copy for one of my best friends! She's so talented! I've been trying to lure her to the dark side for months!!

Anne Zelenka

My dad's going to start blogging... did I make it?

Virginia DeBolt

I'd like one to review on Web Teacher and spread the word about the book even further.

Anne Zelenka

Okay, now that I made sure I got my comment in as number five... I'm helping my dad design his blog right now. He's retiring from his career as a doctor in internal medicine and wants something new to fill his time. I think we'd both like to read the book.


Well I know I'm not number 5 and I've just ordered the thing anyway but I wanted to say I like all of the reasons why people wanted a copy.

Cool stuff, people - especially like the teen idea.

Sour Duck


(wasn't quick enough)


Nothing doing with the free book, but I wanna make a comment that Julies book on php (php fast and easy) was an invaluable guidebook when I made my first database backed website.

It's so dated now.. but man I felt like such a wizahd back then.


Ha, mir - you're the second person today who has said "hey, I know that name". That's neat. Yes, that book is pretty darn outdated and I don't write for that publisher anymore, but I update my other php/mysql/apache books for Sams Publishing each year (so I say as I am working on this spring's 3rd edition of a book now!).

Damn fast-moving technology. ;)


For everyone else who has said positive things about the blogging book, thanks! Jory is forwarding contact info to me as appropriate. Also, for any desk copies/review copies, there is a link on the Sams website that provides info for obtaining review copies. If you feel so inclined, request a copy via the instructions, and if they give you a hard time let me know and I'll forward your request to my editors and we'll do an end-around them.


I'd like to give this book to my Cambodian blogger colleagues who trying to teach others to blog ... looks great!

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