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I started a Mommybloggers Group a while back on Flickr...please join in!


Lisa Stone

Thanks Angela.


Hi Lisa - Among other things (of course), I'm a mommy who blogs and the Stories of Strength anthology is out!! The website, www.storiesofstrength.com, has a thermometer on it to see how much its raised for hurricane relief disaster. Free pdf files of the book are available for those who can write reviews of it, and in just over one week, it's become the #61 all time bestseller on www.lulu.com!

I'll send you a press release under separate cover, but there are many mommy bloggers included in the anthology.

Thanks. :)


Not exactly mommy-blogging, but infertility bloggers have been shaking things up.

Most recently: In Indiana a bill was proposed to make it a requirement that couples wishing to use donor sperm or eggs be married and obtain a permit to be allowed to do it. After the story made it's way around the infertility blogs and an e-mail campaign followed, she withdrew the bill stating the issue was more complex than originally thought. How's that for the power of blogging? My post on the subject is here: http://www.jennsjournal.net/archives/2005/10/license_to_repr.php


Thanks for the shout-out, Lisa and gang! We love our BlogHers. I also love hearing about what else is going on in the world of mommyblogging.

Keep up the excellent work with BlogHer, ladies!


Along these lines: Mommycasting!

Just came across this today...looks good.


I'd really love to be involved with BlogHer in some way. This is all so exciting! Would it be possible to add me to the blogroll?

Lisa Stone

Welcome Eulallia!

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