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Amy Gahran

Thanks for the link to my list, Lisa. Sorry I haven't been able to update it for a few months.

I'm going to rework the list as an OPML file so it's easier to maintain. Right now it's a sprawling nightmare of hand-coded HTML.

I've just posted about that to Contentious. I'd welcome volunteer help with this effort. I just do have time to do it all myself.

See: http://blog.contentious.com/archives/2005/11/17/women-in-podcasting-new-list


Amy Gahran
Editor, Contentious


I'd suggest Nicole Simon, who's regularly 'casts and has just started pre-conference interviews for Les Blogs 2
Cruel to be Kind

Amy Gahran

Hey Lisa, I just updated and re-launched my women in podcasting list as an OPML file:



- Amy Gahran
Editor, Contentious


Admittedly, they're for the more adult tastes, but the "whorecast" by Melissa Gira and Violet Blue's "Open Source Sex" are very pro-feminist sex-educational podcasts. I've also just started listening to "Geek Fu Action Grip", which I'm finding fascinating.

I thought the most silly comment was the one in the article about "podcasts with male co-hosts do fine". I sometimes guest on another podcast, but the idea that she "needs" me to pull down the traffic she does is ludicrous.

Elisa Camahort

Thanks Graydancer. Melissa was one of our Live Bloggers at BogHer '05 and is all-round multi-media master :)

Melissa Gira

Oh, Elisa -- I'm blushing and not just from the heat of the laptop.

(And Gray, thanks for posting here. Come to BlogHer '06! It coincides w/ Dore Alley, you know!)

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