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Now, THAT is going to be a great time. Not sure if I am going to be able to get into SXSW, but I sure as heck will descend on Austin that weekend with the Moms. ;-)

Julie Leung

Thanks, Elisa. I'm grateful for Hugh's encouragement and for Blogher's promotion of the SXSW opportunity. BlogHer Lisa Williams has been my partner in putting the Bloggers in Love panel together. And BlogHer Ponzi Indharasophang is on the panel. Jeneane Sessum, who wasn't able to make it to Blogher, is another panelist. It should be fun - the panel and the conference! Thanks again to BlogHer and Hugh!

Julie Leung

Forgot to mention that Lisa will be moderating the panel! Thanks again...

Jory Des Jardins

"Queen of Naked"--Getting business cards made now--with tasteful centerfold.

Lisa Stone

Fantastic, Julie, Lisa -- can't wait to see you all again and meet every woman on these panels.
Jenn, in a word, YAY!

I've asked SXSW for a line-up of times and dates for each of these panels. So that we can schedule our shenanigans accordingly...


Yayay! Btw, for those who are curious, my panel will be on "Global and Local Social Play" and includes Jane McGonigal, Irina Shklovski and Amanda Williams - BlogHers that weren't able to attend last year but are definitely part of the conversation.


This BlogHer is proud to be on Nancy White's panel along with Koan Bremner.

Onward to tossing back Shiner Bocks with the BlogHer community!

Class V

Look forward to seeing y'all here!

I'll be speaking on the "The Perfect Pitch" panel on March 12, currently scheduled for 3:30 PM.

Let me know if I can help with an Austin Meetup at that time!

- Class V (classv.typepad.com)

Elisa Camahort

Hey Class V, great idea.We'll have to take a look at the full schedule when it's available and pick a time for an Austin BlogHer meetup.

Then we'll definitely need an Austin-ite to help us pick the perfect place.

(You're now in our BlogHerRoll, BTW.)

Class V

Thank you, Elisa, for the add!

When the time comes, let me know what I can do to help, to set up an Austin Meetup. Looking forward to it already!

Nancy White

Time to plan Austin Meet up

(We might privately off blog share where we are staying, etc. I may be able to share my hotel room too.)

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