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Oh and btw... consider this obnoxious double-comment my shameless public plea to get added to your illustrious blogroll. :) I love this site.

Elisa Camahort

Amber: Welcome you're in the blog roll.


Thank you!

At the risk of sounding ridiculously cliche - I think BlogHer is such a valuable resource. It's important for women bloggers to have a place to unite! Very glad this site exists.


I love blogher! Reading these blogs I feel like I actually connect and am able to embrace the things about me that some may see as weak. To know all these strong, funny, great women are the same as me is great!

Can anyone go to the conference or how does that work?

Elisa Camahort

Thanks Bee! Anyone at all can come to BlogHer. As soon as we've nailed down the venue we'll kick off online registration. I would recommend you sign up for our email list if you want to make sure to be notified immediately when that starts.

Elizabeth Perry

Yay. I have just managed to find funding to go to SXSWi, and now I really want to be a part of BlogHer 06. Will there be a call for panel ideas? (I'm interested in talking about & learning about art blogs and blogs as art.) Other details soon I hope? Not pushing, just excited, and eager to get my grant proposals in by various early-mid-winter deadlines.


(and I'd be honored to have Woolgathering join the illustrious BlogHerRoll)

Elisa Camahort

Hi Elizabeth: 1. I've added you to the BlogHerRoll. 2. Look for us at SXSWi! and 3. Yes, we will issue a call for speaker submission and panel ideas, probably around mid-January. Welcome :)


ohhhh, I would love to come as well. I'll have to swing a business trip out west around this time... hmmm...


Eep! God, I'm Queen Slack... lol. Thank you for adding us, Elisa! I really need to add an RSS feed for Moxie, too, thanks for the tip.

I just saw the announcement on SXSW site for this year's BlogHer and I'll be chatting with Kathy about attending; I know we'd both love to.

See you at SXSW!


I'll be there again this year, too!

Little Judy

Me too! Me too! And I hope this year there are some more crafty bloghers present!


Yay! I have reserved rooms and can't wait for July to get here. I hope there will be some power mommy blogging sessions and maybe a session or two on the writing process (aka editing)...


This is great! Too bad I am far away...

neurotic iraqi wife

Hi, I just found this site...Do I have to be a member inorder to come to the conference??? Can you send me more details...Im very much interested...

Thanx for your help in advance...

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