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Carolyn Elefant

You should also add the often overlooked Janell Grenier who has 2 blogs, www.benefitsblog.com and www.erisablog.com She's been blogging for over 2 years and her blog is consistently high quality stuff.

Lisa Stone

Thank you Carolyn! I haven't read her blogs before.

And for those of you who are interested in Kimerbly's mention of Beth Grimm's blog, it's California Condo & HOA law.


Don't forget about lawyer librarians who blog! At least some of the contributors to LibraryLaw Blog are CA attorneys -- you can read them at http://blog.librarylaw.com/

Beth Grimm

You mention my law blog - however, the link to the left of your page that sends to "Beth's Blog" is not my blog. If you want the correct link this is it: http://www.communityassociations.net/cacondoguru/

please check it out - and you could use the name California Condo & HOA Law


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