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Hi all,
I hate to be a dork (I was going to say "geek", but really it would be "non-geek" in the technical sense (literally)) but I was wondering if there is a way to subscribe to the email news another way?

I didn't actually attend blogher (although I really wanted to) so I don't have a survey. Also, I can't figure out how to configure my computer to fill out one of those email pop-up forms. (That's the not techie- geek enough part, unfortunately). Please, please sign me up! I want to go next year!


Elisa Camahort

You're on the list now Kristin.


Thank you. I appreciate it.

Tony Gentile

I'll be a different kind of dork... why do I need the email list if I'm subscribed to your RSS feed? ;-)

Hope you're all well & looking forward to the next event.

Elisa Camahort

Well, Tony that's not dorky, it's a good question. I kinda thought of that myself...like what kind of info would we email that we wouldn't also post here?

But since we don't know yet, better safe than sorry :)

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