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mobile jones

I've been thinking since BlogHer about how we could impact these conferences, and have a few thoughts.

First, did everyone notice how the pulsing conversation, links and mentions of BlogHer lifted this site to the top 5 in all the blog lists? Then BlogHer and blogging bloghers redirected that visibility to and among each other.

One idea would use this kind of collaborative power (swarm blogging) to elevate the voice, opinion and contribution of women without fundraising and travel complications that prevent many from attending in person.

Conference agendas are posted, IRC channels are made available to observe the back channel discussion during sessions and many are now providing audio of sessions.

So the call to action would be for women to sign up (read that commit) to blogging a given conference for a given number of days under an agreed tag or tag set, and linking back to, say, this site to ensure that top 5 pop in the blog search engines.

This activity shouldn't be viewed as a replacement for seeking speaking opportunities. Do that. Please do propose panels and topics. Rather, it would serve to widen the sphere of participation, and collectively gaining visibility for unique perspectives on topics that impact the tools and services we all use.

A wiki would be a good place to start to organize. Volunteers?

Next, would be a listing like the speaker opportunity list, but would instead list upcoming conferences for attendance. Those planning to attend could see which fellow BlogHers are attending and arrange BlogHer BOFs, dinners or even pillow fights. I hit like a girl, so I'd probably opt for a dinner.

Thoughts anyone?

mary hodder

Thanks Elisa, the speaker wiki is coming along.

Also, SXSW is one of the best conferences I've gone to, and it's a party as well as great for info on techy stuff and meeting people in techy space. As i recall, it was half women speaking and attending, and was high quality, for a very reasonable price.


Tish G

sorry for being kinda dumb but: did SXSW already happen? are we looking at next year?

Also, since I'm am a seriously broke dilletante, I am looking to find a way to beat the extremely high cost of BlogOn. Any suggestions??

Elisa Camahort

SXSW is in March, so they are already looking for submissions and are opening early registration for next year.

I have no secret special insight on BlogOn unfortunately. Anyone else?

Tish G

I might try what a gaming-industry friend suggested, which seems to happen alot at gaming conferences--volunteer.

I don't know it they'll allow it, but maybe....

There's also a blog entry in me on the cost-prohibitiveness of alot of blog conferences. Very annoying!

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