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I would want to kill myself if everyone started making all their links open in new windows because it clutters up my taskbar, and I don't think I'm the only one who finds it annoying. Also, it's slightly unfriendly to some folks with disabilities who use various technologies to view/hear websites.

Suggestion: use Firefox tabbed browsing, and set it up so that if you're holding down Ctrl when you click on a link, it opens in a new tab behind the one you're reading. I do this all the time - open a bunch of links in tabs as I'm going through a document, then work my way through all the tabs. Beats going back and forth and back and forth...


I could have used more punctuation up there. I was not intending to imply that anyone was opening new windows with their links simply because it clutters up my toolbar. :) Apologies to the thousands I know I offended with that carelessness.

Elisa Camahort


Yeah, I have tabbed browsing in Safari, and when I remember to Command-click that works nicely too, but it's just extra brain-work for me, and I hate that!


If you use WP and their link service, you can automatically set it each link to open in a new window at the click of a button. When you go to add a link, scroll down to target and choose "_blank". Sometimes I forget but that's what I usually do.


There is hope! I think a peaceful solution exists: The Shifted Librarian has a checkbox on her blog labeled "Check box to open links in new window."

Annotated blogrolls - this would be great for the OPML community to implement. Also, blogrolling.com allows this using the "a href" element's "title" attribute. When a user hovers over the link, the "title" pops up in a tooltip.

Samantha Soma

Hi Elisa,

I was the person who suggested the "annotated blogroll" during cocktail hour, in the middle of the conversation that arse poetica, Flooded Lizard Kingdom and I had with you about how great BlogHer was. I'm honored that you remembered it in the midst of such hubub, and I'm happy to read that such a simple solution exists!

Looking forward to checking out other people's augmented blogrolls...

Elisa Camahort

Oh great! Thanks for reminding me :) Mine's all done, at least on my personal blog. Still have to do my other blogs.

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