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Joy Des Jardins

What a GREAT session. I've listened to both Koan's and IT Conversations...felt like I was actually there. Thanks Lisa.

Lisa Stone

Joy, you are most welcome! We wish you had been there...perhaps next time.

Koan Bremner

Can I just mention that it would be really beneficial to *everybody* if people register on the IT Conversations web site, and then rate the shows they listen to? I've tried to summarise *why* in this post on my blog - http://www.multidimensional.me.uk/2005/08/26.html#a235 - and why registering and voting can make a big difference to the extreme gender imbalance currently exhibited (through no fault of Doug Kaye or IT Conversations) on the site? Cheers, Koan

jay dedman

its good to listen to these a month later. shows what a good confernmece it was. is there a list of all the attendees and wher ethey were from?
i wanted to touch base with some people i met...but forgot who they exactly were.

Kris Stark

Sounds like it was a great session at an absolutely awesome conference. One that am really sorry that I didn't get to attend.

As an IT Conversations registered user of 10 months, I find that my world has been expanded in so many ways, just by listening great to these great conversations that are happening even though I can't be there. At least I still get the great ideas deliverd to my hard drive while I sleep, and If I have something to add, or expound upon myself, I can just post to my own blog.

Thank you for a great conference, from my secondhand experience. =)

Lisa Stone

Kris, I can't give you a time or a date or a place -- but I can tell you that I hope you will join us next year?

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