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hi bloggirls!

i just wanted to mention that anyone who has a bluetooth enabled phone can use several really handy applications such as www.mobiluck.com or nokia sensor www.nokia.com/sensor

both are great bluetooth networking tools to locate people within a 50m radius and send them a free message via bluetooth. sending fils and text messages by bluetooth is free.

so download, install, these great tools or just search with your phone in order to locate people you are looking for.

that means too, everyone, name your phone with your name & phone model make

if you are looking for me i will be

anina.net 6630 nokia

see you at the conference!

best wishes,

mobile jones

Anina, I'm glad to have the chance to meet you at BlogHer. Charlie has spoken very highly of you, and your mad mobile skills.

Further, for all the attendess of the Moblogging Session, I look forward to meeting everyone there as well to talk about reading blogs on mobiles, how to make your blog readable on mobile phones and where current blogging tools need to go in relation to setting us free from the desktop.

Stop by my blog for more details as they develop.
I'm sure you'll enjoy the free stuff too! See everyone there.

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