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Please add me to your great blogroll!
This blog got lots of useful links.
Thank you so much!!!

Jess Riley

Hi Elisa and Blogherteam!

Would you please add me to the Blogher blogroll? I'd be thrilled to be in such great company. Thank you so much!



This may end up needing to be a web ring b/c as this list grows it is going to exceed the length of most blogs. For instance, usually I only have one blog at a time displayed and I've upped it to 10, but it will grow past that, kwim?


Pretty please add my humble site to your blogroll...thanks so much. This is a great place.


Great site!

Could you add Halushki to your blogroll?


Elisa Camahort

Done Jozet. On old and new sites :)


Hi Elisa.
Thank you for adding!

pinay aphrodite

Hi, can I add up my site? It's at http://keyboardthoughts.blogspot.com

I have entries written in both English and in Filipino.

pinay aphrodite

hello.. thanks for adding my site to the blogheroll :)

Elisa Camahort

Hi everyone. This site is outdated. Please visit the new BlogHer.org

When there you can list your blog in our directories at that site. People an subscribe to those blog rolls via RSS, but we don't yet have an exported blog roll solution. Since we have over 9000 blogs listed now, it will have to be via some customizable widget.

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