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Awesome--it looks really good, and good on Jen for pulling this new pub together. I see there's an editorial submission deadline coming up 6/24. Hmmmm... Topics Everyone?

Lisa Stone

Amen, Jeneane.

Jen, I am moved to the unthinkable - exclamation points. Thank you so much for getting the word out!

And Courtney, thank you for parachuting in with your exceptional editing skills. I don't know whether to be sad you're in MT and unavailable down here...or sad that I'm not looking down the Bitterroot myself...

Lisa Stone

Ah, Jen, we are in good hands, I see from this exchange:

Reader Rich:

"I understand the marketing concept of a group like BlogHer, but are we not all part of the same community and shouldn't we be driving towards common goals not segregated ones? Aren't we all searching for the "human connection"? Do we not perpetuate the segregation of men and women in business when we encourage events like this? I know we all have differences and we all feel connected in different ways, but we seem to want it both ways when we encourage groups like BlogHer, but we file lawsuits against male groups and organizations. Just a thought to ponder..."

New Comm Editor Jen McClure responds, after I and Elisa weigh in:

"Women still have not risen to their full potential in the business world, but we're not the ones doing the segregating.

"Since there has been a business world, men have bonded together in many ways, forming both formal and informal networks to help each other in their work and their careers. Many of them still exclude women. But when women take the initiative to organize a network, a group, a conference to support one another, form a conversation and address issues from our perspective, we are criticized? Give me a break.

"When I see that 50% of the most quoted commentators in this space are female, that 50% of the speakers at conferences are female, that 50% of the top executives are female, that 100% of women are earning the same as men for the same job, I might give a bit more credence to your argument."

Read the whole exchange here: Jen McClure's Editor's Corner

Elisa Camahort

You know, sometimes you don't want to go to someone else's house and cause a ruckus, but now that I know Jen loves to mix it up I can't promise the same restraint next time around. She serves it up!

Of course I probably should have remembered that from the time she delivered the smack-down to Nick Denton here:

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