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Wow, you read my mind!

Is there going to be a session on media training? How about branding?
I haven't had a chance to poor over the schedule yet.

Jory Des Jardins

Thanks for asking. You sound like you are in marketing/PR:)

I assume, by media training, that you are referring to developing an authentic business persona online? While we don't have sessions specifically on branding and media training, these topics (particularly branding) will likely be covered in the Blogging for Business session, where business bloggers who have set up blogs for small businesses and corporations provide some background on what has worked and what hasn't.

Katherine Stone

This is so cool. I WISH I could attend. Unfortunately I had a back surgery disaster in April and am fairly incapacitated and waiting to find out what's next. I think this event is a wonderful idea. Almost every time you read about blogs, mostly men's blogs are mentioned. Yet there are TONS of women out there writing great things, and adding unique perspectives. Please let me know how those of us who can't make it can still feel a part of this wonderful experience.

Elisa Camahort

Bummer Katherine...I hope you have a smooth recovery. BlogHer is setting up Blogherships to make sure there are people live-blogging every session. So at the very least you should be able to read about what's going on almost while it happens.


I just signed up and now I am afraid no one will go with me and that my husband will freak out about the expense of the plane ticket and hotel and I just started a blog the day before yesterday and when I read about this I got compulsively excited and signed up. OOOOOOH I can't seem to distiguish between buyers remorse and total enthusiasm to explore the unexplored. This is scary!

Elisa Camahort

Depending on where you are the plane ticket might not be so bad. I saw cross-country tickets from New York for close to $300 RT as late as yesterday.

There is a place on our BlogSheroes/BlogHer community space to sign up and look for someone to share a room with.

Go to http://blogsheroes.com, create an account to join the community and find the Room Share post.

If you never learned to share then the Westin and Holiday Inn and Hilton all seem to have nightly rates at ~$100.

Check out the logistics post (link is up in the left hand side bar at the top of the page) for more travel info.

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