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Lisa Williams

Hey, how about a list of registrants? and an email list? This would be a great way to keep the community going post-conference. If we had a list of registrants and their blogs, we could easily create a BlogHer aggregator using Bloglines.

The registrants list could be opt-in, people could add themselves to, say, a del.icio.us tag.

In the spirit of do-ocracy, I'm perfectly happy to set up a Yahoo! Group and do the admin work of responding to new member requests for the lists, etc.

Just say the word.

Elisa Camahort

Hey Lisa: We agree, and we're all over it.

Lisa Stone has been feverishly working with Board member Liza Sabater on our very own BlogHer/BlogSheroes CivicSpace.

While not all functions are up and running yet, you can certainly go and register on the site here:

There's a place to add yourself both to the BlogHerRoll (for attendees, and to add yourself to the blog aggregator.

The formal "unveiling" was going to happen this week anyway, but anyone reading these comments can check it out now.

Lisa Williams


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