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Wow, I'm surprised that Genia's not doing the "$$$ and Sense" sesssion since she's done so much for women who run blog ads and has a lot of strong opinions about the subject. She'd make an excellent panelist/moderator for *that* topic!

There are, afterall, lots of ethical ways we can make money via our blogs. For some of us ads are the way, for others its paypal and stuff like that. Either way, I don't see the harm in exploring ways to pay our rent, etc. Especially those of us who are freelance or have families to support.

As always, great work Lisa! :-)


Another "Room of Your Own" idea...How to Blog Like a Rockstar? Just a thought.

Robin Burk

Last weekend in Nashville we had a military bloggers session that included interactive video and a chat room. It went well, but there were only 2 current/retired military spouses participating in that session.

I'd be interested in organizing a milblog session at blogher, with participation by a)women who serve or have served (more likely) in the military, b) military spouses anc c) others who have an interest in - or skepticism about - the role that milblogs are playing in shaping the dialogue about current events.

My interest is not to push one point of view, but to weave a dialogue across communities who perhaps do not know one another well or trust one another right now.

Robin Burk

Memo to self: preview is my friend.

I wanted to add that I am interested in hearing the response of other women currently intending or interested in blogher in such a session. If you don't have any experience with the military community, what questions would you be curious about if you could talk with a woman who has served or with a military spouse? What is your perception of THEIR perception of YOU - and do you have an interest in exploring, expanding or correcting that?

Just some thoughts ....

Sarah Allen

Have you considered adding a "Room of your Own" session for technical bloggers? This segment of the blog-o-sphere is definitely dominated by men, but there are some vibrant techie blogs out there written by women. If you are looking for a topic to fill your last slot, I think this would be a good one.

Tish G

I sometimes wonder how many of us are the standard blogger/typepad users, and how many of us have readers/friends who use different blog platforms such as Livejournal, squarespace, myspace, aol, and the like. And do any of us ever venture into these communities to find out what they think about blogging--what it is, how it effects their world or shapes their thinking, etc.?

This might be something worth a bit of disucssion. The blogoshpere (to use and overused term) is a really vast place and there are many nooks and crannies...

Lisa Williams

Hey, how about a Yahoo! email group or similar for BlogHer attendees/interested folks?

It would also be a good way to keep the BlogHer community going after the conference.

I'm willing to help with this so if you think it's a good idea drop me some email and I'll set it up.

Tish G

um....where's your email addy, Lisa? tried to find it on your site but couldn't.

a yahoo group might be a nice idea. it coould also be another place to kick around ideas.

Lisa Stone

Hey Lisa, Hey Tish,

Ah! Well, turns out that Liza Sabater and I have been noodling on a CivicSpaces layout for just that reason. And with the caveat that this is seriously in BETA mode and not quite ready for release, here's where you can find it: http://www.blogsheroes.com. Sign-in is easy, and if you click on the right-hand nav (BlogHer Conference '05) you'll see that I've set up areas to talk about Fri/Sat night dinners at the conference, to plan rideshares and roomshares, to add your RSS feeds to the site, etc. In many ways, it's like a Yahoo group on steroids, since you can start your own email mailing lists, as well as many other robust tools. Which underscores what the site really lacks now and desperately needs before launch: An excellent FAQ and help page to describe the tools at your fingertips, how to use them and what we're trying to accomplish with this network. We're just a few more days away...

Once we're ready for prime-time, this is where folks will be able to announce Room of Your Own Sessions. But we're not quite ready for that yet. Think it'll take the weekend to plug in the "how-tos". Would love your feedback.


hi, my name is anina, and i was wondering how one could get nominated for the next conference to be a speaker since it is too late for this time.


mobile jones

hi anina,

Is Nokia still sponsoring you to blog?

mobile jones

Hi Everyone,

Barb Dybwad from Engadget and I have set up a blog for coordination on developing the Moblogging session at BlogHer. The blog is open for your input and feedback to ensure that we provide you with an interesting and useful presentation.

Please come by and ask questions, criticize, suggest or praise at will.


mobile jones

It would be awesome to see Amanda Congdon from Rocketboom on the video blogging panel or perhaps doing a report from BlogHer Con. If you haven't seen Amanda's work, check out the hiliarious video news blog at rocketboom.com

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