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I have agreed to conference blog in order to have the registration fee waived. Do I still need to provide my credit card number? And, if I can't make the conference (although I have every intention of being there) how can I ensure that I'm not charged for the conference if I provide my credit card #? (the reason I've asked for assistance is because, as freelancer with a microscopic income, I cannot afford the considerable cost of flying from Toronto to California and abck)

Elisa Camahort

NO. If you have submitted yourself for a bloghership or individual sponsorship, whether you know you've been accepted or not, please don't go sign up on Acteva yet:

For those of you who are accepted for a bloghership and assigned live blogging duties, we will account for you a different way.

For those of you who have been offered a personal sponsorship by an advisory board member or anyone else, you *will* ultimately end up signing up via Acteva, but whether it's you that sign up and your sponsor reimburses you, or whether the sponsor registers his/her sponsees may end up being decided on a case-by-case basis.

Either way we will at some point want to get your responses to the Acteva Registration questionnaire, but that can be done via email if necessary.

Elayne Riggs

Oh, I didn't even realize there'd be a hefty registration fee! I'm afraid with my current income situation I can't justify spending almost $100, plus airfare, plus hotel, just to participate in a 1-day conference.

Elisa Camahort

Hey Elayne: when we get the public wiki launched I suggest you sign yourself up as someone who would be interested in sponsorship, whether you sign up for a bloghership or on a list of people needing help with lodgings, or on a list of people needing assistance with air fare. (danah suggested people donating their frequent flier miles, and I might even be able to do that!)

Obviously we can't guarantee everyone who needs gets what they need, but it never hurts to ask, and we would love to make sure you can attend.

Stay tuned for the public wiki launch later this week.


Hmm... another blogger has recommended BlogHer to me. I've never been to any blogging conferences, since I'm still a blogger virgin. But for $20, why not? Quick question - do the fees increase after a particular date?? One more question - how many women are expected to attend? I don't know any others going yet... Just curious.

Elisa Camahort

There are no rate increases after any date, but be aware we are not processing registration at the door. The cut off to register is July 26th, 2005.

We are expecting approx. 200 attendee, although theoretically the facility could hold more.


What about members of the press? Are we welcome, and would we need to pay a registration fee?

Is there someone I can email directly to speak with about this?

Elisa Camahort

Lulu. I tried to email you and it bounced.

Email me at elisa at workerbees dot biz

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