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Wow! This is really a cool idea. I'm posting a link on my sidebar.

Lisa Stone

Thanks Jenny - You reminded me that I needed to post the "I'm going" ad as well. See update above. Hope to see you July 30.


ok, I posted one of the BlogHer icons on my site. BUT I'm still not sure about attending, never done anything like this before. Hmm...


I've posted the banner today, but I'll have to wait until Monday to register. Since I wrote today's entry, a friend and fellow blogger has offered to accompany me with the condition that we tour the Winchester House in San Jose while we're there (as if I haven't wanted to do THAT my whole life anyway!). I'm definitely in!


On a tangent kinda, I've been to the Winchester Mystery House. Don't forget your digital camera. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland, crouching by a door smaller than me. Something to do at least once. Farther from Santa Clara, Alcatraz in SF is worth the drive if you're up in the Bay Area anyway.

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