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liza sabater

I like all those questions. I'm still hung over from BlogSheroes and I can't think straight but just thought about this one:

(4) Have friends, family, neighbors or anybody in your community been affected (positively or negatively) by your political blogging?

* sub to that : has it changed your friends and relations perception of who you are?

Also, I think there needs to be a distinction between blogging for a political candidate or party and the blogging as an independent pundit ... and maybe also touch on the touchy subject of the FEC ...

ok, i'm going back to caffeinating ...

Elayne Riggs

I'd like to see the session also focus on getting out of the echo-chamber mentality. One of the things that attracts me to female-run blogs is that many of them DON'T echo the same things as the male-run blogs, in large measure because of the difference in POV. If the aim of blogs is to supplement what's already out there in the media by choosing which stories to circulate and give weight and discussion to, the aim of female blogs might be to give weight to those stories that both the mainstream press and male-run blogs tend to dismiss.

Elisa Camahort

Hey Liza and Elayne, thanks.

Liza: I realize that blogging for a specific party or candidate is different, but frankly I can't think of a single political blogger who isn't blogging from a position...and I don't think that's a bad thing myself. Aren't 99% of political bloggers advocates for something? And while that might make it sticky when they want to be "journalists" and have access and/or protection...it also gives them more protection from the FEC...free speech after all.

Elayne: Your comment raises lots of questions for me:

-Is the "aim" of blogs really to supplement what's out there in the media? And will that hold true as more and more mainstream media outlets move to more bloggy ways of reaching out to their audience?
-Do women inherently focus on non-mainstream issues? What do you think it is about a woman's POV that drives that difference?
-Doesn't pointing female blogs in the direction of stories outside the mainstream risk keeping women political bloggers marginalized? And creating another, smaller echo chamber?

Hmmm. It's early...I think I have to start the caffeinating.

Carla Beth

Blogher ... fascinating concept. I'm looking forward to learning more. About political blogging, I think the aim is to simply be heard. My blog is brand new and already I'm getting email where people question my political voice. And my response ... what political voice? I'm just writing STUFF. It makes me realize that by asserting myself (blabbing my thoughts and ramblings and sidetracks to the Internet, aka having a blog), there is an implied voice, and based on that voice I naturally swing in one direction. Politics are inherent to blogging. Whether you write about your cats, neighborhood meetings or buying toothpaste, there's a voice and perspective and suddenly you feel like you somehow matter. It's like with voting. Why vote if my vote's going to get cancelled out by someone else? My vote doesn't matter! But my voice counts. And here it is. Please read my post "Compassionate Blogging" and let me know what you think. Carla Beth.

Carla Beth

Continued ... of course voting matters. The Blogher post on politics triggered some deep thinking about blogging and the desire to be heard. For some people, voting makes them feel faceless. "I'm just one person!" But one person is one voice, and there is power in that. Example: http://www.civicworldwide.org ... I'm grateful for the questions raised by Blogher. I'm new to blogging, but I've been an active reader and commenter for years. Thank you.

Elisa Camahort

I agree that voting matters, but I also agree that every day action may have more real impact. I often say that how I spend my money is my "economic vote" and that's why I'm a vegetarian.

Blogging is yet another way to vote every day.

Echidne  of the snakes

I'm new to this idea. Where is the meeting to be held? Can anybody come? Even minor goddesses?

Echidne  of the snakes

Ok, I found the information. California... As far from me as possible. SNiff.

Elisa Camahort

Minor goddesses are our favorite kind!

Where are you from?

Echidne  of the snakes

I'm from Greece, of course, Elisa! But right now I'm in New England, on the other side of the continent. Though I have lobbied for a liberal tunnel to be dug from here to there, it hasn't materialized yet.

But maybe I could pull it off with some careful thinking. In any case, I'll follow the developments with an eagle eye.

Elisa Camahort

Of course, silly me!

Well, next week we're launching a CivicSpaces site (we'll link to it from here.) We're going to let people post if they have sponsorship needs and try to connect those who need, with those who have offered to sponsor. Stay tuned.

jean Warner

I have used separate blogs to keep friends informed during a mission trip to Kenya, celebrate Oklahoma women leaders, announce upcoming events on/about women in central Oklahoma, and advance my latest project - the Oklahoma Women's Coalition.

Now, I am tackling the goal of getting women blogging in Oklahoma -- especially on issues benefiting women and girls.

As a lifelong leader in the League of Women Voters (which is nonpartisan), I find I don't so much want to harp about issues as nurture a community and encourage women to run for office and get behind public policy issues/bills affecting them.

It may be too soon to say whether a blog is the best tool for doing that!

Elisa Camahort

What's hard about it Jean, I fear, is the same thing that seems to be hard about everything political in this country these days: we are so steeped in a culture of two-sidedness and intolerance that getting representatives from various viewpoints to work together toward common goals seems like an impossible dream. I actually hope our Politics panel may be a fine exception tot hat as we're finding women on various points upon the political spectrum...who can still manage to be respectful and reasonable.

Prissy Patriot

What great questions! I think women can be respectful and reasonable about the political process..
Prissy believes if women had a more equitable voice in politics, the whole world would be better for it. We do have a unique POV, and we should keep it!
I'll come back later when I think of a question!


I have been in the bay area of San Francisco,(in SF for almost 30 years,)and then for about ten years in Contra Costa county,and I just have to say this:

All the people are disgusted with BOTH PARTIES TO DEATH!!!I can tell you that;all of us are starting to desert the parties,and vote INDEPENDENT.

Why?Cause both the Liberals and the Conservatives(demos and repubs)are both so darn ALIKE that it is impossible to vote for either one of them.

Neither one of you really care about the working person,the middleclass,and the poor person;you are just PLAYING POWER POLITICS all the time.Most of the people are disgusted with extreme Liberals,and yet,we cannot go on with this extreme Republican Bunch,cause they are just as bad!!!

If the Liberals ever get in(if they ever get their s___ together,)then it will not be much different;

you Liberals are going to tax,tax,tax, the people to death,and vote in emminent domain so that there is not longer any private property for the American Citizens.

Both of you damn parties have to start talking about that emminent domain sh__ before we are going to listen to EITHER of you;right now,Americans CANNOT OWN THEIR OWN HOMES,and property,without the govt. being able to grab it,and take it away.

Got it??? Both parties are supporting emmenient domain,you are both evil a_______.

Until you get rid of that new emminent domain law, neither political party is worth the powder to blow them to Hell!!!!--

signed, lots of angry homeowners in the US.


I do not mean to insult all the people here;I am just really angry,because all of we home owners in California,northern,are scared to death,because of the new emminent domain law,that allows the govt. to just take your land,and home,and you are now a peasant serf living in China under Communist Rule.

No rights at all;no private ownership anymore.NO PRIVATE HOME OWNERSHIP IN THE USA!!!

Ok, you 2 political parties;You got the idea; all we home owners are mad as hell,and do not be surprised,if we all get together,and stage some kind of revolution eventually;Why?

Cause home ownership is the HEART OF AMERICA,and now it is GONE. The USA has become the Republic of China,and the Republic of Russia. I predict,sometime in the future,this new emminent domain law is going to cause a big crack in the whole face of the USA.

This is a BIG DEAL,and no one wants to talk about it yet. Anyone got their two cents to put in?How do the rest of you feel,now that you can;t own your own home,without losing it to the govt.?After you worked and slaved to pay for it,and now you find you are a Chinese peasant,living in Red China?

You no longer are living in America,where we're suppolsed to have private property,and private homes???
If all the men,and the political parties do not want to address this,how about all we WOMEN?WOMEN!!!

Exscuse me,but these are our HOMES we are talking about. Where we and our families live, kids play,rest,sleep,laugh and live. The govt.can now just swoop in,and take our homes away from us. HOW do you like this?

WHAT are you going to do about it???

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