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Wow, that's quite a list! But a good one and touches on a lot of the kinds of topics that it should. Now the key is to break them down into relevant topics for each. Specific panel discussions ... for example, the topic of "marketing/business" you might want to have a panel that dealt with a particular issue that is coming up in business with relation to women bloggers. One I noted on Jennifer Rice's marketing blog was the issue of making business more "human" and personalising the voice of business. Blogs are obviously a key to that.


May I suggest:

Fine art
Traditional women's art/craft (knitting blogs are HUGE, quilting)

Many thanks, again, for coordinating this important event.


An art group would be great, and how about a gallery area for displaying women's work! I'd probably want to hang out in a videoblogging (subgroup in Entertainment & Media) and also the ability to co-mingle with other groups and see what their up to. I'm curious.


i would have to say i would like to meet other women videobloggers, because i am myself one and it's rare to find another female vlogger in the same room!

Ken Kato

I would suggest a singles/relationship blogging meet-up... but is that too forward of me, as a man? Also, if it turned out that I were the only one at that session, it would be exactly like every other day of my life.

Tish G

I think I brought up a singles meet-up at one point...would be glad to still do it/be part of it. Being single certainly has its challenges at different chronological points in time.....

Elisa Camahort

We're going to have about 20 clipboards for people to sign up for the BOF group they want to meet...10 of them pre-filled out with suggested groups, and another 10 blank, so you can fill in ones we missed...start your own...do-ocracy, you know?


Here, here for the singles/relationship meet-up!

:) Liz

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