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So Lisa - what *do* you want to be called?

Ha--you got me Koan. Depends upon the context, natch. Professionally? Writer. Personally? Woman.

Now you. What's your pref?

[...]I couldn’t agree more with Lisa. We should construct our own identity regardless to society’s common stereotypes. It can be noted though, that stereotypes are engraved so deep in our culture, that even when protesting against them, Lisa addresses [...]

Hi Xen, good to see you start blogging!

I'm going to disagree with your description of my post -- and offer a clarification which my own lack of an answer may make necessary!

In the headline I follow each of the labels with question marks ("Mommyblogger? Princess? Single white female? Bitch?") to raise the question of these labels. I am *not* applying them to myself. Later in my post I wrote this paragraph:

"I've already weighed in on how I feel about the term mommyblogger for myself. And don't get me started about the other archetypes in the headline above. (Hey, I reserve the right to be all four of these characters. In the next hour.)"

While I am happy to apply the term mommyblogger to myself (as I define it), I deride the other labels (princess, bitch, single white female), saying "don't get me started" on these "archetypes" and "characters". In other words, I consider them unreal, one-dimensional and ultimately unfair constructs. I am not addressing myself with these terms.

Which is why I think Koan Bremner just asked me what I *do* want to be called. Hope this helps clarify.

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