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Heya Lisa,

Happy to here that you're thinking of developing a more robust website to support BlogHer. I'm going to break the consultant mode (in which I normally live) and toss my standard "it depends" answer out the window. I'm just going to go straight for a recommendation.

Drupal is a pretty sophisticated content management system that allows for a high level of aggreagation -- both in terms of spitting out feeds and pulling them in. I'm using it on three different projects. The aggregator in means that it's just a list of the blogher blogroll but actually their latest posts. The sophisticated CMS part means that you can create articles, blog posts, or documents that can be jointly edited. Yadayada. Anywho. Bryght is a Vancouver-based company that provides Drupal hosting services -- they don't just take care of the server stuff, they take care of the hardware too. It gives a typepad-like experience with a more robust full-featured community tool.

Take my .02 for what it's worth -- .02.


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