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» Mother Tongue from Crossroads Dispatches
Lisa asked referencing the upcoming BlogHer panel, Suffragette Journalists - Oped Pages of Our Own with Anastasia Goodstein, Chris Nolan and moi: Is there anything about blogging that is uniquely available to and valuable for *women* writers and reader... [Read More]


BlogHer sounds so fabulous! I will definitely be monitoring your blog as well as those of many of the other attendees to find out what comes out of this amazing meeting of minds.

I have found that blogging has really had a powerful impact on my writing career. I initially thought it would serve as a promotional tool, but it's taken on a life of its own. Thanks to my blog, my career has taken off in entirely new directions. I want to write about new topics and to pursue more experimental types of writing because of what I've learned and experienced through blogging, the people I've met, and the ideas we've exchanged. Blogging has changed who I am as a writer and a person. It's been the coolest thing!

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