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No, no, no, these questions suck. That's just my own take. The whole hierarchy thing sucks, it's an ugly game and it makes people shrill when they play.

You probably blogged that Niederly study...

On average, the women made as much as the men under either system. But when they were offered a choice for the next round - take the piece rate or compete in a tournament - most women declined to compete, even the ones who had done the best in the earlier rounds. Most men chose the tournament, even the ones who had done the worst.

The men's eagerness partly stemmed from overconfidence, because on average men rated their ability more highly than the women rated theirs. But interviews and further experiments convinced the researchers, Muriel Niederle of Stanford and Lise Vesterlund of the University of Pittsburgh, that the gender gap wasn't due mainly to women's insecurities about their abilities. It was due to different appetites for competition.

"Even in tasks where they do well, women seem to shy away from competition, whereas men seem to enjoy it too much," Professor Niederle said. "The men who weren't good at this task lost a little money by choosing to compete, and the really good women passed up a lot of money by not entering tournaments they would have won."

?? I guess women who DO like competition can stand in there and haul away for the rest of us. I find, though, that I don't like blogging if I worry about how many people are reading or linking. When I stop thinking about it, blogging is a pleasure. A couple hundred people read my blog, I think, and that will do.

Hi Lisa --
You can check my Blogs at http://www.benjaminlin2.typepad.com

hi surfette! have you rested after the conference organizing superizing? you had said for us to keep in touch and talk the next week. just saying hi from anina.net!

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