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» Dean for DNC Chair? (Or) Let Blue Be Blue and Red Be Red from Lemonblog
Update: After thinking about this a bit...nah. But there are many that like the idea. I support Howard Dean for DNC chair I support Terry McAuliffe for the NY-25 in 2006 Both should be no-brainers. - per mydd and Daily... [Read More]


Surfette, you are brilliant. Clinton/Stone in 08! Or Stone/Clinton...

I am allowed to sing your praises here? I hope so!

!!! Thanks for making my day, Linda. But I must demur--these people have true insight.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I was a democrat many years ago. I am now a republican and I do not live in the south. I was born and raised in New York. I think that you are wrong about your estimation why the democratic party lost. You give to much power to the strategist!!!I will tell you why I think the Democratic Party lost.
The reality is the the Republican party won because the Democratic party LOST. You had all the mainstream media- all top hollywood actors- rich democratic funding- more airtime and you still lost. You can't admit to the truth.

First and foremost- This Country was founded on the belief SYSTEM of GOD and your party is trying to take it away.

Secondly-the liberal movie stars acting like they care about others doesn't cut it- especially the likes of Michael Moore and his sour attitude. Let the movie starS just act or direct. They want to help your cause- do it in silence.

Thirdly- Your choice of candidate was horrible. This man changed his mind about everything. He was so insincere it was pathetic-not to mention his anti-war behavior-talking to the enemy during time of war(vietnam) and his wife is a rich nasty snob. She bad mouthed the First Lady who is a gem.

Fourthly-The fact that the past several democratic presidents allowed terrorist to attack us and we did nothing- example Clinton/Carter. No one could believe any democrat would defend this country. Oh yea, your polls suck because alot of Americans believe that this war in IRAQ is and always will be related to the war on terror. No matter how may ways you want to slice it. Saddam is a terrorist and will always be a terrorist and we were one of his targets.

Fifthly- You had all the main media working against the GOP and they are willing to lie and put out false information- which then discredited everything they said positively about your party.

Sixthly- Your party is very hurtful and hateful. Anyone who doesn't believe in what you believe is either an Idiot or an extremist or Nazi. You act like you know what is right and anyone else should not exist. Your party acts like any conservative right winger should be shot and killed and that is sick. Your party acts like everybody that is against you is a racist but any person of color who doesn't agree is a Nazi. That is wrong.

Last- Your party wants to raise TAXESSSSSS.
That is a No-No-
It seems like your main concern is gay rights and a woman's right to choose. There are so many other things that are far more important. For instance NATIONAL SECURITY which is very low on your democratic totem pole. Oh yea, Kennedy, Schumer, Clinton and Dean are bringing your party dowm.


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