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Get ready to party with the BlogHers, because we have secured the perfect spot for our 2006 2-day Conference on July 28th and 29th: the Hyatt San Jose. [Read More]



I'm so excited!!!


Great location. And really good room rate!


I cannot wait - this will be my favourite conference of the year I am sure. Wooohoo!



Just put it on my calendar. And this year I'll make sure to register in time, so I can really go before you are all booked. Glad it's in my neighborhood again!

Elke in San Jose


Yay! I can't wait!


I did it! I've got confirmation and everything. I am so excited!


Sounds like there's enough time for this Canadian to drum up enough money to make the trip. How many Canadian bloggeres participated last year? rough estimates? I'll add this to my blogroll to keep myself updated.

Elisa Camahort

Well, about half our attendees were from SIlicon Valley and half were from outside Silicon Valley. Of that non-SV group a little over 6% were Canadians.

But we've got a couple of Canucks on our Team this year (mir and Jen B.) so I'm hoping they drag more of you down!


Hey Lala, consider this Vancouver Canuck in for the conference as well!

Is registration for the conference open yet?

Elisa Camahort

you can make your hotel reservations, but conference registration is still about a week away.


If anyone is traveling with other bloggers or meeting up in San Jose for this conference, TripHub.com is a new site where you can set up a group trip for free. http://www.triphub.com

I'm checking my schedule to see if I can make the conference.


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