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Lisa Stone

Namaste, you wonder women.

Thank you *so much* for donating time that I know for sure many other people would like from you. It means everything to the conference.

Very best,


hi blogher

maybe you guys would be interested in

iris brosch (famous female fashion photographer having just done an exhibition in the venice biennale)


or diane pernet:


famous fashion journalist and icon.

some pretty remarkable women bloggers!

they are all part of the lifeblog project


all these fashion people lifeblogging.

i hear about the typepad.com blogher conference contest, and charlie schick mentioned he may be coming as a guest speaker?

look forward to hear from you and would there be a blogher logo like loic does for his blogging and xxxx conferences.

i see only the "send a woman to" logo and no logo for the conference. i would be happy to put it on my blog. i have written about you several times on my blog.

best wishes,


it's really awesome to see such dedicated women working together. what a wonderful demonstration of the new women icons.

mobile jones


You can find a blog badge or banner image here.

The more links the better I always say. ;-)

Elisa Camahort

Thanks mojo! I was getting there :)

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