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Santa Clara ist wahrscheinlich für die meisten LeserInnen hier ein wenig weit weg, aber dennoch sei, nicht nur um des reinen Verbreitens willen, auf die BlogHer Conference '05 hingewiesen, die am 30. Juli im TechMart Meeting Center in Santa Clara, Kal... [Read More]

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Blogher has (temporarily) re-defined mixed emotions for me. I am encouraged that there is an opportunity for creating and sustaining a learning community of women who blog. I am impressed with the list of women bloggers who are involved (particularly... [Read More]

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Speciaal voor de vrouwelijke bloggers zal op 30 juli 2005 'BlogHer' plaatsvinden, een weblogconferentie in Santa Clara, Californië. BlogHer is a network for women bloggers to draw on for exposure, education, and community. By holding a day-long confere... [Read More]

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David Weinberger informs us that the first BlogHer Conference will occur this July, in Santa Clara, CA. This "first of its kind" confere [Read More]

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Unfortunately for me it's on the west coast. Santa Clara, CA on July 30, 2005. Check out Blogher.org for the skinny [Read More]

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There are two possible things I can be doing on July 30th: Attending (and possibly speaking at) BlogHer Conference '05 in Santa Clara, CA (July 30 only). Attending (and possibly speaking at) ADHOC, the conference formerly known as MacHack, in... [Read More]

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I wish I lived in California! Here's a really interesting conference shaping up for July 30 in Santa Clara, California. It's an attempt to get at some of the issues women face in blogging, and create some visibility for women... [Read More]

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Ten stories from female bloggers you may have missed, in honor of July's BlogHer conference.Kate McMillan wonders if Canada's Adscam scandal runs all the way to the top. The current PM is parsing speech like Bill Clinton in front of... [Read More]

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Via Cecily I found the Blogher conference site. Fab idea. Wish I'd thought of it. I have only one issue though...and this is an issue that I've had with a lot of folks in the blogosphere. Not everyone has the type of dough to just fly out to t... [Read More]

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BlogHERcon aura lieu le 30 juillet 2005, à Santa Clara, California. BlogHERcon est évidemment ouverte aux hommes, mais il s'agit surtout d'une conférence de femmes: un forum ouvert et inclusif dont le but est de considérer le rôle que joue la femme... [Read More]

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A number of female bloggers have rolled up their sleeves, dug in, and done the hard work necessary to get a conference off the ground. BlogHer will be held in nearby Santa Clara in late July... [Read More]

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Sigh. Such a tired question, but one that will hopefully be put to rest (for the umpteenth time) in the wake of BlogHer Con ’05, scheduled for July 30 at TechMart in Santa Clara, Calif. Start by reading the conference... [Read More]

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A big thanks to arse poetica for alerting me to the upcoming BlogHer Conference '05, July 30 in Santa Clara, CA. Hell yeah, I'm going! It's practically in my backyard; I have no excuse for not attending. [Read More]

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Location: TechMart in Santa Clara, CA Description: The BlogHer Conference is happening this summer. BlogHer is a network for women bloggers to draw on for exposure, education, and community. By holding a day-long conference on July 30, 2005, and estab [Read More]

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There are a number of theories as to why otherwise normal people blog. In my opinion they can be boiled down to two: (1) They are attention whores (2) They are trying to get lucky The rare individual (and I thankfully am not one) blog for both reasons.... [Read More]

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The BlogHer Conference 2005 is scheduled for Saturday, July 30 in Santa Clara, California, USA. The headquarters for this groundbreaking conference, featuring some of the very best of women bloggers, is TechMart in Santa, Clara, CA. [Read More]

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Attendees of the upcoming BlogHer Conference, take note: for the first time ever, the Newswomen's Club of New York has added a blog category to its annual Front Page Awards: "The prestigious competition is open to women journalists, photographers, writ... [Read More]

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TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG?....I got an email the other day offering me a press pass to the BlogHer conference, which is described thusly:BlogHer Conference '05 will provide an open, inclusive forum to: 1. Discuss the role of women... [Read More]

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A huge tip of the hat to Chris Nolan and Robert Scoble, two incredibly popular bloggers who took time this week to explode the urban myth that men are not invited to BlogHer. Chris tackled the issue with her usual [Read More]

» To Blog Or Not To Blog? from Political Animal
TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG?....I got an email the other day offering me a press pass to the BlogHer conference on July 30, which is described thusly:BlogHer Conference '05 will provide an open, inclusive forum to: 1. Discuss the... [Read More]

» First BlogHer Conference Coming Soon from Web Logs
BlogHer Conference '05 will be held on the 30th of July (Saturday) at TechMart in Santa Clara, California (USA). The mission? To initiate "an opportunity for greater visibility, learning and success for individual women bloggers and for the community o... [Read More]

» Pheedo for Her - BlogHer Ad Network Launches from Pheedo
To support the efforts of BlogHer, the event specifically to cultivate the female blogging community, we put together the BlogHer Ad Network. By signing up for the Pheedo/BlogHer ad network, ad revenues generated from the network will help fund BlogHer... [Read More]

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I’m going going back back to Cali Cali, in preparation for BlogHer,a conference dedicated to amplifying women’s voices. I’m just giddy. What a privilege to represent this blog (and all of you!) at an event that features DOOCE. ;) What... [Read More]

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This was one of those things that simmered for a long long time, but then came together at the very last minute. Back when Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort and Jory Des Hardins started blogging about a women's blogger conference as a pro-active response to the [Read More]

» Mutineer Meetup in SF-- Wess Siiiiide! from Sepia Mutiny
I’m going going back back to Cali Cali, in preparation for BlogHer, a conference dedicated to amplifying women’s voices. I’m just giddy. What a privilege to represent this blog (and all of you!) on a panel at an event that features DO... [Read More]

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I've ran away with Chris' marantz for the weekend to see what trouble I can get into here. Hee ... [Read More]

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July 30, 2005- Speak at BlogHerCon on legal issues for bloggers. http://surfette.typepad.com/blogher/2005/10/blogher_audioca_1.html">Audio of the panel.... [Read More]

» Friday fish wrap from SiliconBeat
Lots of news nuggets flowing in this week, including... Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort and Jory Des Jardins have launched the BlogHer ad network that will match advertisers with women bloggers. "The BlogHer Advertising Network introduces sponsors directly ... [Read More]



Discrimination starts with the separation of the human beings!

Lisa Stone aka Surfette

Hi Enoch,

Great idea -- thanks for blogging it so your colleagues can catch wind of the invite.

Hey temps,

Not sure what you're implying, but as I've posted ad nauseum, men are very much welcome.


Blogger doesn't support Trackback, so I thought I'd let you know I've mentioned the conference on my site.

Elisa Camahort

Thanks Ashley.


What an incredible IDEA!! If I didn't have a baby I would definitely fly in from Israel! Please let me know if there is any way of participating virtually. It's the women of the world who are the true movers and shakers - enjoy the conference!

P.S. My kabbalah blog is dedicated to women who want to wake up to a better world:

Elisa Camahort

Josia, there are a couple ideas:

1. we are lining up foreign language speakers who would be willing to translate the post-conference recaps from all of our Bloghership recipients into their language and post. We would then post on BlogHer and link to you. Are able to translate into Hebrew or any other language and would you be willing to. (Be warned, I don't think it will be a tiny task.)

2. We are still working out whether we will have live audio streaming.


Sorry to duplicate but to try to catch people who might not make it to the dedicated page for other meetups... I've just put up a a speculative post to see if there's any interest in a parallel meet in London on 30 or 31 July? And if there's any offer of a venue, ideally with a broadband connection? See http://consumingexperience.blogspot.com/2005/06/blogher-bloggers-conference-in-london.html


Prissy Patriot

Wonderful idea! We are the key to a peaceful 21st Century, ladies!
Did you know women are receiving more Bachelor degrees than men these days?
Twenty years from now, the world will be ours.
Prissy loves kind men, but they are not presently the ones running the world.
The representatives we are stuck with will not stand up for the people-only corporations and Prissy is fed up! Send your reps PrissyBalls and tell them to get some more!
Check them out (or make your own, if you're handy) at Prissy's Place-Please don't hesitate to add Prissy to your blog roll!

Lisa Stone

Thanks Prissy! You're on - now, would you mind hiking on over to the politics session comment (here) and putting a few questions to our panel for July 30?

Renee Sereno

I wish I would've known about BlogHer before it happened. I was already in the area, checked in at the Crowne Plaza in nearby Milpitas, CA. Then again, we already had tickets for "Day Out With Thomas" at Roaring Camp Railroad for the 30th, and my kids would've refused to talk to me for days had I opted out.

Please let me know of other EB's among women bloggers in Northern California. I live in Modesto, CA. I have been blogging since November 2002, and now maintain six blogs. My main blog, "The Prada Mama Chronicles" (definitely a Mommy blog) can be found at http://pradamama.pansitan.net.

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